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special options

The meningokokkovaya polisakharidnaya vaccine gruppi ACYW135 delivery requested from you, if there is an opportunity, we ask you to send it to our address with the indication of the type of payment, the period of delivery, the validity period of the commercial offer (with comparable tables) at a discount of prices.

Payment type: advance payment 15%.

Commercial offers every day (except Sunday) from 9.00 to 18.00 by delivery to the following address: Tashkent City., Chilonzor district, jewelry Street 5 house (PMU mg material and Technical Supply central database) or by e-mail is accepted: ng.baza.xarid@mail.ru

The deadline for accepting commercial offers is "12" March 2020 year, up to 18.00 hours.

In addition to the commercial offer, you will be asked to provide copies of the original of the letter, A certificate, a license, a passport of the head of the enterprise and a certificate of payment of taxes issued by the state tax administration about the dealer or distributor who has an official authority by the enterprise producing the equipment.

Banking, liquidation or reorganization of enterprises, as well as those that are in the process of judicial proceedings, contracts with those that are owed from delayed taxes and mandatory payments are not concluded.

It is a sign that the enterprises that fulfill the order have sufficient material and Technical Supply.


Contact phone: (0371) 231-72-84, 231-72-85.