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Employees of the Main directorate of protection - a structural unit consisting of personnel of the National Guard service, the legal status equated to an employee of the Internal affairs, having a special rank, uniform clothing of the specified sample, and the right to apply physical force, guns, and special means in the manner established by the legislation during the performance of the service duty.

The main tasks of the employee of the Main Directorate of protection:

- protection of objects and defending from unlawful encroachments;

- allow access to protected objects and ensure the internal regime of the object;

- prevention and elimination of crimes and administrative offenses in protected objects;

- guarding the property and monitor them;

-implementation and use of Advanced Engineering and technical means and methods of conservation;

- maintaining a high level of combat and service training;

- participation in the prevention and liquidation of technical and natural disasters and situations in protected objects;

- ensure effective interaction with a law enforcement agency, public representatives on the issues of Organization of reliable protection of objects and property from the occurrence of terrorist acts, activate, steal, and other criminal acts.

- to arrest persons who have entered into custody (attempted to enter) and committed offenses, to make an administrative statement to them, to keep them in the temporary detention center, to make appropriate decisions, to help to find them in the territorial areas, and carry to employees of internal affairs;

- by this law employees able to use guns, Special means, and physical force and carrying out protective activities in the procedure;

- use of services and guard dogs to carry out guard activities. Carries out other duties under the legislation.