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By the technical guarding center

In modern conditions, technical security systems have become an integral part of the organization of reliable protection.

The implementation of the protection of objects with the help of security systems and technical means is round-the-clock monitoring of the state of the system burglar alarm, with the departure of a rapid response team when the "Alarm" signal arrives.

Technical security of objects allows excluding the risk of unauthorized entry into the protected object or the possibility of other illegal actions, to ensure the complete safety of property and people's lives.

Protection of property and security using technical means includes:

- installation of security systems and their maintenance by certified specialists;

- fixing the events taking place at the object;

- the presence of an alarm button for an emergency call to the mobile group;

- the use of several channels of information transmission;

- constant monitoring of data transmission channels;

- SMS-informing about arming and disarming an object and alarm signals.

If there are technical security systems at the guarded facility, the "Alarm" signal is sent to the Security Monitoring Center. At the same time, the operator's monitor of the Center displays all the necessary information about the object, as well as information about the type of alarm message. A mobile crew is immediately sent to the protected object (5-7 minutes). If necessary, depending on the alarm, employees of internal affairs bodies, fire brigades, or employees of other emergency services are notified. The operator on duty also contacts the customer or their authorized contact and reports incidents.

Technical security of objects can be carried out as a separate type of service, or in combination with physical security. This allows you to significantly save money on security, without reducing the level of security at the facility, as well as to minimize the human factor.