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By alarm button

The alarm button is one of the most common and reliable types of protection for all types of objects, apartments, cottages, garages, private houses by technical means.

The alarm button is intended for emergency call of the rapid response team in manual mode.

This security device is usually placed in inconspicuous places but is in instant accessibility, which makes it possible for the client (bank employee, store, security guard of a school, kindergarten, other educational or cultural institution, tenant of an apartment or private house) to instantly transmit a signal of an alarm situation (robbery, threat to life or health, fire and other emergencies).

The principle of operation of the alarm button is to maintain continuous round-the-clock communication between the facility and the rapid response teams. When the panic button is pressed, the signal is sent to the Security Monitoring Center, after which it is transmitted to the one located closest to the protected object alongside - within 5-7 minutes the armed security crew arrives at the place where the AB was triggered.